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2.4.6 - Add the Dormer

To create the dormer on the attic roof, as shown in Fig., you have first to convert the dormer roof, from Roof to Slab Roof, to be able the opening of a hole on the roof slab.

h21190 roofAttic dormer gableRoof1 800480
Fig. - Roof - Attic - Dormer - 3d bottom View


Convert Roof to Roof Slabs

To do this:

Open the drawing file you created in the earlier lesson " - Create the Roof", with the name h21190_roofAttic_roof.dwg, and you have saved it in path C:/ACA/customDwg/house21-190/roofAttic/h21190_roofAttic_roof.dwg

You can download this drawing (Fig. by clicking here: dwg for Fig. On the website you will be directed, locate the file roof_outline.zip on category Custom Drawings/ Roof - Attic, click on this file name to download it, then unzip and save it in the folder: C:\\ACA\customDwg\house21_190\downloads\roofAttic\, under the name roofAttic_roof.dwg.

  • Select the dormer roof, on the Ribbon > on the Modify panel > select Convert.
  • In the task pane "Roof Slab Style" that will appear: For Roof Slab Style: Select the Standard
  • Then check the box next to "Erase Layout Geometry", click OK and press ENTER twice. The dormer roof will be converted into Roof slab, consisting of two separate Roof slabs as shown in Fig.

Add the dormer on the attic roof

The dormer consisting of the perimeter walls and two sloped slabs of the roof has been created. Now you will add this dormer on the front slab of the roof.

  • Ensure that the walls and the slabs of the roof dormer, penetrating the slab of the roof, and are in the correct position.
  • Select the slab of the roof, where you add the dormer, and on the Ribbon > Dormer panel > select Add (Fig. (Remember to select the roof slab, not the roof!!).
aca18 ribbon roofSlab addDormer t500250
Fig. - ribbon - add Dormer
  • Select all the objects that form the dormer (walls and slabs of roof dormer), and press ENTER.
  • At the prompt Slice the walls with the roof slab [Yes / No] : press ENTER, to cut off parts of the walls, which is under the slab of the floor and press Esc.
  • Delete the wall (dc) in the back side of the dormer. The creation of the dormer completed as shown in Fig.
  • In the internal view of the attic (Fig., you will notice that it has opened a hole in the roof slab and removed the walls beneath the dormer roof.
h21190 roofAttic addDormer 800471
Fig. - Add Dormer
h21190 roofAttic addDormer inside 800508
Fig. - Add Dormer -Inside view

What is needed now, is to extend the walls of the attic to the roof, and then create a window size 800 x 400, at the top of the wall.


Extension of the walls up to the dormer roof

To extend the front wall (ab) of the dormer to the roof:

  • Select the wall (ab) of the dormer.
  • In the Ribbon > on the Modify panel > select Roof / Floor line > Modify Roof Line (Fig.2.4.13).
  • At the prompt: RoofLine [Offset / Project to polyline / Generate polyline / Auto project / Reset]: right click the mouse and select Auto project.
  • At the prompt Select objects: select the two roof slabs of roof dormer, press ENTER, and then press Esc to complete the command. Repeat the same procedure for the side walls of the dormer (ad) and (bc). The walls were extended until the roof dormer.

Create a window on the dormer

You will create a projected - window on the front wall of the dormer. This window will have a width of 0.800 m, height 0.500 m and head height 1.700 m.

  • Choose from the Windows tool palette (Fig. 2.21) the window style Awning. In the 'Properties Palette' that will appear (Fig.2.3.17), you will see the style properties of the window you just selected. In the Properties palette edit the properties as follows:
  • In category Dimensions, enter Width = 0.800, Height = 0.500, Measure to = Outside of frame, Swing angle = 45, Sill height = 1.200. In Category Location select position = Center. With selected the style Awning window,
  • At the prompt Select Wall, grid assembly or ENTER : select the front wall (ab).
  • At the prompt Insert point or [….]: Select a point at the middle of the Wall (ab) and press ENTER. The window has been designed and the dormer will have the form you see in Fig.
h21190 roofAttic 3dDormer 800400
Fig. - Roof - Attic with the Dormer

Save this drawing under the name h21190_roofAttic, in the folder customDwg\roofAttic you have created, its full path will be: C:\ACA\customDwg\house21_190\roofAttic\h21190_roofAttic.
You will use this drawing in chapter 4, to create the construct drawings of the project. By now you have designed the floor plans of the building, ie basement floor plan, ground floor plan, First floor plan and roof floor plan that includes and the attic.

AutoCad Architecture, gives you the method and tools to organize your projects and to relate the plans to each other.
This help you to manage, the representation and costruction of the building.

You will follow this method to manage the drawings of this project at the next Chapter 4. “Drawing Management”.