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2.2.6 - Create the Slab of the Ground floor

In this step, you will create and place one simple concrete slab on the roof of the Ground floor, usig the tool Slab. It will has a thickness 0.20 (m), and it's bottom will be located at a height of 3.00, that is the base height of the walls of ground floor .

Open with AutoCAD Architecture the drawing, you created in the previous lesson, under the name h21190_groundFloor_openings, or if you wish you can download it by clicking here, unzip and open it.
Display it in 3DView and apply to this plan the Conceptual view, as shown in Fig.

h21190 groundFloor 3dOpenings t800533
Fig. - Ground floor 3DView - Openings


With the tool Slab, you will use a closed polyline - the outline of the ground floor - to create a single slab that has the properties of the tool (Slab) you selected.
After you create this object, you can then change its properties.

Create the roof slab of the ground floor

You can select the Slab tool on Ribbon > Home tab > Build panel > Roof Slab fly out menu (hover on ►)aca18 icon buildRoofSlab 9426 >select Slab, or for this example, you can select it from Tool palette - Design (Fig.


  • Fig. - Tool Palette - Design
    toolPalet_designSlab t234388
  • Fig. - Tool Palette - Design - Slab
    aca18 thumbs designPalette slabLinework 480
  • Locate or design the closed polyline (abcdefgha), this is the outline of the basement, at level 0.00 (Fig.
  • Open the Tool palettes- Design (Fig. that contains the tool Slab - the slab you want to use - (you may have to scroll to display the desired tool).
  • Right click on the tool Slab, and click on Apply Tool Properties to ► Linework and Walls (Fig.
  • Select the closed polyline (abgha), and press ENTER.
    It is possible to notice, that you can not select the polyline, because it overlaps with other objects. Use the Selection Cycling (status bar button), that controls the display behavior when you hover over or select an object that overlaps other objects. This button controls whether a badge or the Selection dialog box displays when you hover over or select an overlapping object. You can choose between overlapping objects by pressing Shift+Space or by using the Selection dialog box. Make sure that Selection Cycling is turned on. As you roll your cursor over objects, you will see an icon indicating that multiple objects are available for selection, from these objects select the  polyline.
  • Press n (No) to keep the polyline in the drawing.
  • For the Creation Mode: select p (Projected).
  • For Specify Base Height: type the value 3.00.
  • For the Specify Slab Justification: select Bottom.
  • At the prompt Select the pivot edge of the slab: select line (ab) and press ENTER.
  • At the Properties palette of the slab that will appear,on category Dimensions locate tab Thickness (Fig., change it's value to 0.20 (it is, in meters, the width of the basement floor slab), on category Location locate tab Elevation, change it's value to 3.00, and press Enter and Enter again.
  • Before you continue, open the Layer Properties Manager, select layer A-Slab that is created automatically with object slab, click on it's color and set it to 21.  (The only reason for editing this layer's color for slab, is to distinguish visually the slabs from the walls and other objects, while it is at conceptual view).
  • The slab of the basement floor has been created as shown in Fig.
aca180 propSlab t325600
Fig. - Roof Slab - Properties
h21190 groundFloor 3dSlab 800533
Fig. - Ground floor 3DView - Roof Slab

Save the drawing under the name h21190_groundFloor_slab in the folder you have created earlier.
Its full path is: C:\ACA\myProjects\house21_190\customDwg\groundFloor\h21190_groundFloor_slab.