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2.4.3 - Create the Roof

You will design the roof using as a guide the roof outline (kmghk), of the roof-attic walls plan Fig. The final form of the roof, will be as shown in Fig. Take care the x,y coordinates of point (h) to be similar with those you used for the previous plans.

You will use the plan with the walls of roof - attic, you created in the previous lesson 2.4.2, as shown in Fig. 

You can, if you wish, to download the drawing h21190_roofAttic_walls by clicking here: dwg for Fig. On the website you will be directed, locate the file on category Custom Drawings/ Roof - Attic, click on this file name to download it, then unzip and save it in the folder: C:\\ACA\My_projects\house21_190\downloads\roofAttic, under the name roofAttic_walls.dwg.

 The roof design will be hipped, will follow the outline of the roof, will have a slope of 23 degrees and will project out of perimeter walls at 0.40 (m). Once you have designed the roofAttic outline or you have downloaded it and opened on your screen, you will start designing the roof of the house, according to the layout and the dimensions shown in Fig. The final form of the foor - attic in this phase of designing (without the dormer) will be as shown in Fig. At the next phase you will add a Dormer on the roof.


h21190 roofAttic Walls mob800640
Fig. Roof - Attic - Design the roof


Design the Roof

  • Open the Design Tool Palette , right click on the tool Roof and select Apply Tool Properties to > Line work and Walls (Fig.
  • Alternatively you can select the tool Roof on Ribbon select Home tab Build panel Roof Slab drop-down Roof.
  • On the Property Palette which will open, for the field Shape choose Single slope
  • At the prompt Select object : select on the roof plan you are drawing, the polyline you see with the name 'Roof Outline' (Fig., and press ENTER twice, and then press Esc. The roof has been created, and has the properties of the tool Roof you used.
  • aca18 toolPalet roof linework 533400
    Fig. - Tool Palettes - Design - Roof
  • After selecting the roof, the Properties palette opens (see Fig. where you see the properties of the roof, here you can make the changes you want. Look in the properties palette, you will notice that the shape of the roof is the Single slope, it is the simplest form for the slope of the roof, (there is also the Double slope roof, where the roof can have two different slopes).
  • aca18 Properties roof t400400
    Fig. - Properties - Roof


  • Set the thickness of the roof to 0.20.
  • For the Edge cut select the shape Plump, as you see in Fig.
  • Set the Overhang to 0.40, it is the projection of the roof of the exterior wall (Fig.
  • Set the Plate height, which is the height at which placed the base of the roof (Fig., to 0.60 which is also the height of the exterior walls.
  • Set the slope of the roof to 25 (in degrees).
  • Press Esc and save the design of the roof, with the name h21190_roofAttic_roof, in the folder: C:\ACA\my_projects\house21190\roofAttic\customDrawings\roofAttic\

  • Fig. - Roof detail
    aca roof edge plump w270270
  • Fig. - Roof Overhang
    aca roof edge square w270270

3D Isometric View

To have a 3D isometric view of your project, on the View Cube tool, at the upper right corner of your screen (Fig., click on the corner WS of the Cube.

You can apply a Conceptual view in your drawing to have a more artistic view. To do this:

  • To set the Visual Style of the drawing, on Ribbon > click on View tab > click the arrow on Visual panel, the drop-down which will open provides a choice of visual styles defined in drawing to make current (for the moment the current visual style is the 2D Wireframe) > select Conceptual, to make this visual style current (Fig.
    The result is what you see in Figure
h21190 roofAttic createRoof t800560
Fig. - Roof Attic 3d View - Roof

Press Esc and save your drawing under the name: h21190_roofAttic_roof in the folder: C:/ACA/customDwg/house21_190/roofAttic

It's full path will be: C:/ACA/customDwg/house21-190/roofAttic/h21190_roofAttic_roof.

At the next lesson, you will start designing, the dormer  of the roof - attic.
During the drawing of the Basement Outline, you gave to point (a) coordinates (20,20) ( X=20, Y=20), and keep in mind that you will use these coordinate values for the same point in all floor plans and site plan you are going to design.

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