1.0.1 - About project 'House 21-190'

The project that you will start to design, is a residence with the name House 21-190.
This house consists of 86,43 sq. m. basement area, ground floor 103.23 sq. m, first floor 55,575 m², hipped roof 55,575 m² and within the roof an attic 28,215 sq. m.
This house will be placed on a site with a total area measuring 32.70 m x 30.50 m, with a slight slope.
The published so far drawings of this project are shown in figures in the chapter “11. Drawings”.
You can download the published until now drawings from the website: www.autocadoforum.eu/index.php/downloads.

After completing this book, you will have the following drawing sheets ready for printing:

  • 2D Site plan
    3D Terrain
    Basement plan
    Ground floor plan
    First floor plan
    Roof - Attic plan
    3D Views
    Sections Elevations
    Door – Window Schedule
    Finish Room Schedule


  • Fig. - house 21-190 - 3D View
    h21150 3dview n800600