Create the interior stair
using AutoCAD Architecture

In this tutorial you will create the interior stair of the basement; this is a straight stair starting from the basement and leading up to the ground floor above, as shown in Fig.
The position of the stair on the basement floor plan, as well as its dimensions, are shown in Fig.
Open drawing Place the Slabs-1, that you created in the previous tutorial. You can download it by clicking download.
This stair is a straight stair. To design it you will use from the Design Tool Palette (Fig., the type of stair called Concrete.
If there is not this type of stairs in 'Design Tool Palette', you will get it from the Content Browser.
To do this, open the Content Browser:
• On Ribbon > Home tab > click on Tools > and select Content Browser (Fig.
• On the Content Browser which will open, select > Design Tool Catalog > Stairs and Railing > Stairs (Fig. > select the Concrete Stair and drag it with your mouse on the Design Tools Palettes.

  • aca18 toolPalet design stairConcrete t232398
    Fig. - Tool Palette - Stair
  • aca18 ribbon build ContentBrowser 482324
    Fig. - Open Content Browser

  • The position and shape of the stair is as shown on the basement sketch.
    • On the floor plan of the basement, draw the polyline (P1P2P3P4P1), according to the dimensions shown in Fig. Select polyline, right-click, and at it's properties  set it's elevation at 0.20. The polyline moves to the top of the floor slab, and it is the footprint of the stair as it is to be fitted.
    You will create the design of the stair using the stair style "Concrete" that you'll get from the Design Tool Palettes or from the Content Browser.
    The stair will be designed with the qualities of the type of stair you choose on the design tool palette, and in accordance with the treatment you will do on its properties.
    You can edit anytime the properties of the stair in the Properties Palette (Fig.

  • aca18 contentBrowser designCatalog stairConcrete t800528
    Fig. - Content Browser - Concrete Stair
  • aca18 propStair concrete t360720
    Fig. - Properties - Stair

Design the stair.

  • Open the Design Tool Palette, click on the stair style Concrete (Fig., the Properties Palette of this stair will open (Fig., where you can modify the values according to your needs.
  • On the Properties Palette (Fig. on category General, select Straight for Shape , select Up for Vertical Orientation.
  • On category Dimensions, define the values, for Width to 0.90 (P1P2 = 0.90 m), for Height to 3.00, for Tread to 0.25, select Right for Justify, select Tread for the 'Terminate with'.
  • At the prompt First Star Point: select point P1.
  • At the prompt Flight End Point: select point P3, and press ENTER.

The stair has been created as shown in Fig. Right-click on the stair, to appear the window with it's properties.

h21190 basem stair 800480
Fig. - Stair-1

Create a 3d Conceptual view

  • Click on the corner WS of View Cube icon  to get a 3D isometric view of your project or select the 'Top' from the View Cube to get a floor plan of your project.
  • You can apply Conceptual view in your plan to have a more artistic view (Fig. To do this:
  • On Ribbon > click on View tab > select Visual panel > select Conceptual
  • To have a better three-dimensional picture of the stair, you can hide some of the walls that hide the stair.
  • To do this:
    Select the walls you want to hide - in this example you will hide the wall (bg)- click Isolate Objects (the icon that looks like a light bulb in the bottom right corner of your screen),  and choose Hide Objects.
    The wall (bg) will be hidden and your drawing will be as shown in Fig.
  • To make the wall to reappear, right click on the screen that displays your design, in the window that opens select: Isolate Objects > End Object Isolation.

h21190 basem 3dStair 800480
Fig. - 3dView - Stair-1