Design a House with ACA

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The courses that follow, are published in sequels, and are from the eÎ’ook:
"Step by Step  Design a House with  AutoCad Architecture 2018"

Use AutoCAD Architecture 2018 to design a single storied House

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from eBook "Step by Step Design a House with AutoCad Architecture"

The purpose of these lessons is to introduce to architects, engineers, interior designers, design-build professionals and students, the process they will follow step by step to design a residence, using the tools of AutoCad Architecture.
In the chapters of the book you will track the development of working drawings from the beginning of a residence.
Tutorials are included to demonstrate step by step how the software of AutoCad Architecture is used to create floor plans, site plan, elevations, sections, 3D Views, doors, windows, stairs, roof, attic, sheets and schedules.