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Create the First Floor Construt drawing



Create the First Floor Drawing

In this step you will create the First Floor Construct drawing for the Project  ModelHouse 2190.

The steps you will follow are:

  • Draw the exterior walls
  • Draw the interior walls
  • Place the doors
  • place the windows

Open the Project Navigator, make sure that your current project on the Navigator is ModelHouse 2190, and click to open

constuct tab

Click to see

the Construct tab on the Project Navigator .

For the outline of the First Floor drawing, you will use the House Outline polyline which you will get from the 2d_site_plan.dwg as shown in Fig.2.1. ( you can download this drawing by clicking  here dwg for Fig. 2.1 ,

save this file in your directory with the name 2d_site_plan.dwg, and unblock before opening it).

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2D Site Plan



Create a 2D Site Plan

In this tutorial you will create a 2D Site Plan drawing (see Fig. 1.1), which will be used at the next step tutorial,

to develop the 3D Terrain for the ModelHouse 2190 project.

You will design first the Site Area, which is the rectangle polyline (S1-S2-S3-S4-S1)- (see Fig. 1.2)  with dimensions 32500 mm x 30500 mm.

(In AutoCAD - Options - User Preferences - set the drawing units to Millimeters).

As shown in Fig. 1.2, the dimensions will be S1S2=32500 mm, and S1S4=30500 mm).

Create a new layer

Before you create the rectangle , you will create a new layer with the name L-Site-Area, to use it as the layer name of the rectangle polyline (S1-S2-S3-S4-S1).

To do this :


Click to see

On the Ribbon -->click the Home tab --> on the Layers panel -->click the Layer Properties icon, 
the Layer Properties Manager will open.

Right click on the right side of the opened panel and choose , from the drop down menu New Layer.

For the name type L-House-Deck, for the color choose Magenta , for the lineweight choose 0.50, and

make the layer L-Site-Area the current layer of your drawing, (right click  on the Layer and choose 'current' ),

and then close the opened  Layer Properties Manager panel .


Last Updated on Monday, 15 September 2014 21:09
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